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Seattle Orthotics

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Foot orthotics in Seattle

Many people experience foot pain. Sometimes, it occurs after a long day or after strenuous and extended activity, or after wearing shoes that might not have the best support. Treating aching feet can often be helped with the use of shoe inserts, which can be found at drug and other convenience stores, but some instances of foot pain might require something a little more intensive, like foot orthotics. Here at Foot & Ankle Center of Kirkland, we can get to the bottom of whatever foot issues you are having and prescribe you with the specific kind of Seattle orthotics you need to restore and improve your foot health.

While shoe inserts are used to increase comfort or provide more support for feet throughout the day, they may not solve all instances of foot pain. Orthotics are prescription medical devices that are custom-made by your podiatrist to specifically suit your particular needs. Like shoe inserts, orthotics are medical devices that you wear inside your shoes. But unlike over the counter shoe inserts or cushions, orthotics can be used to correct biomechanical foot problems that affect the way you walk, stand or run on a regular basis. Orthotics can be especially helpful for individuals who suffer from foot pain caused by flat feet, plantar fasciitis or heel pain, bursitis, arthritis or even diabetic issues. For those with deformities like flat feet, orthotics may even be able to help you avoid surgery to fix the issue. When it comes to Seattle orthotics, no one does it better than Foot & Ankle Center of Kirkland. We can provide you with comprehensive exams, custom orthotics, and manage your treatment as needed.

If shoe inserts have been unsuccessful in the past or if you have pressing foot concerns that you would like to discuss with a specialist, then visit us here at Foot & Ankle Center of Kirkland to get the Seattle orthotics you need.

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