Bellevue pediatric foot doctor

Bellevue Pediatric Foot Doctor

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Pediatric foot care in Bellevue

Bellevue pediatric foot doctor
Bellevue pediatric foot doctor

As a parent, of course you want your children to be as healthy as they possibly can be. Unfortunately, children do develop ailments that can cause pain and discomfort. It’s a good idea to become familiar with common pediatric foot problems so you can recognize them and take your children to a Bellevue pediatric foot doctor to receive the treatment they need.

Many children have foot problems and unfortunately, many often go undiagnosed. Children are very susceptible to foot and ankle problems due to their high levels of physical activity. It’s very important to be vigilant and to watch out for the symptoms of common pediatric foot and ankle problems so they can be promptly diagnosed and treated by an experienced, professional Bellevue pediatric foot doctor. Some common signs of issues include: ankles turning inward more than usual, flattening of the foot arch, limping and complaints of pain and/or cramping. Another important indication that your children may have a foot problem is a decreased level of physical activity and a decline in their desire to play. Although there are numerous foot problems that could develop, the some of the most common include: ingrown toenails, plantar warts, flat feet, club feet, and in toeing. An ingrown toenail causes redness and redness on the side of the toe. A plantar wart is a virus that causes lesions to develop on the foot, making it difficult to walk on. Signs of a plantar wart include: a raised appearance, thickened skin, and small black dots located beneath the skin’s surface. Flat feet is a condition in which the feet have little or no arches that can be caused by putting too much weight on the inside of their feet when they walk. Flat feet can lead to other problems such as knee, leg or ankle pain. Medical attention should be sought for these conditions. Clubfoot is a condition in which their feet severely points downward and inward. It often requires surgical treatment.

If you’re children are experiencing symptoms, don’t wait. Contact us right now to schedule an appointment with our Bellevue pediatric foot doctor.

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